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Top 10 HR Analytics Tech Companies - 2018

For all business units including marketing, sales and finance, and even the HR function, using available data intelligently is touted as the path to success. For the HR space, data mining was limited to compliance and regulatory requirements traditionally but as different organizations started to find key strategies in order to stay ahead of the competition curve, they soon realized that this is not enough. Putting people together at the center of their business became very necessary for the companies to stay high-performing and relevant in their respective industry spaces. They began following an approach of taking the intuitive power of HR and augment it by adding data evidence to make strategic investments, drive continuous improvement, and support key business decisions. Now that the HR technological capabilities have expanded within organizations due to the rapid increase in the adoption of SaaS HCM solutions, this approach has become the status-quo for the HR function.

Today, as large-scale digital transformation initiatives across the board takes place, organizations have an access to a greater quantity and quality of internal and external data than ever before. This accurate, reliable, and integrated data that had been previously unavailable is being leveraged by organizations to reap analytics and move beyond engagement and retention analysis.

Organizations are gaining deeper insights into management and operational issues that can help improve organizational performance. To help CHROs navigate through the list of HR Analytics solution providers, our distinguished selection panel, comprising CHROs, CIOs, VCs, CTOs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Education Technology Insights narrowed the Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers 2018 that exhibit competence in delivering HR data intelligence and also drive digital transformation in a connected IT setting.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers - 2018.”

    Top HR Analytics Companies

  • Provides cloud-based human capital management software solutions that benefit both employees and the organizations

  • Provider of real-time labor market intelligence to all audiences - practical, timely, comprehensive

  • Enabling organizations to leverage internal data, social and 3rd party data and take efficient and informed decisions about their personnel and advance operational performance

  • Provides people analytics and customized employee surveys, focused on enhancing the strategic role of HR within an organization

  • The PredictiveHR platform integrates people analytics, predictive workforce planning solutions, and industry-leading HR systems expertise

  • GRI


    GRI’s solutions offer management of clients’ total extended workforce program activity including contracting, supplier management, payment services, and advanced analytics; clients realize improved efficiency, increased transparency, and reduced cost

  • GrowthPlay


    Vanguards that drive sales effectiveness

  • Human Capital Growth

    Human Capital Growth

    Human Capital Growth Inc is a Delaware Corporation in the United States with headquarters in India, servicing clients around the globe, both on our own and in collaboration with our global network of consultants

  • Visier


    Visier People, the leading people analytics and workforce planning solution, provides clients with answers to hundreds of pre-built, best practice questions about their workforce, across HR and business topics

  • Workday


    Streamlining global enterprise workforce with cloud application