Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers 2016

The workforce, the workplace, and the work itself are undergoing an exponential transformation curve. A data-driven statistical employer-employee relationship has been established by this novel epoch of HR analytics. Data has been generated from a number of sources, ranging from surveys and tracking employee life events to their performance numbers and attendance to improve employee performance. The new generation of HR executives are correlating business and human resource data to predict future outcomes, rather than making reactive decisions.

Analytics is also being leveraged for effective talent management by accurately profiling and segmenting employees, enabling firms to make informed decisions across a range of activities such as sales forecasting, customer retention, insurance pricing, supply chain optimization, campaign management, market research, and credit scoring. By employing analytics for appropriately utilizing the ever-increasing large volumes of data, organizations are exploring new possibilities. With HR analytics, enterprises today are proactively interpreting data that helps them identify new trends or issues, to enable smooth operations across departments.

With a multitude of vendors offering HR Analytics solutions critical to the business needs of organizations, it can be quite toilsome for the CIOs to zero in on the right fit for their enterprise. To help navigate this constantly shifting HR Analytics landscape, our distinguished selection panel, comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of HR Tech Outlook has narrowed down the selection to the final 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers that exhibit competence in delivering advanced analytics technology to create a digital HR Tech footprint.

We present to you HR Tech Outlook’s Top 10 HR Analytics Solution Providers 2016.

Company Logo Company Name Company Description
Aasonn Offering HR as a Service, providing human capital management and services in the cloud
Activ8 Intelligence A system that intelligently combines all employee data, together, automatically finds analytics and predictive insights and presents result in english
EPAY Systems SaaS provider of seamless human capital management technology and services designed to help medium to large businesses manage their workforce
GattiHR Human capital services firm providing clients with retained search, workforce analytics, and HR technology solutions
Glint Leveraging real time people data to provide the managers holistic view of the organization’s health, the insight to predict problems, and direction to take action
Human Capital Growth Maximizing individual, team and organizational performance through the science of human performance and evidence-based solutions
OneSource Virtual Provides data and analytics as a consulting service on the Workday platform, in addition to implementation, BPaaS and Application Management Services
PeopleFluent Leveraging HR analytics to drive business process and employee engagement
TTI Success Insights A provider of multiple science assessment tools helping global organizations in their talent management efforts
Visier Visier connects organization’s ATS data with workforce data to see what recruiting decisions lead to the best employees