WorkForce Software: EmpCenter: Automating and Streamlining Interactions

Apart from dodging the daunting task of hiring right people with right skills, Human Resource (HR) analytics technology solutions today harness internal talent to achieve business goals quickly and efficiently. “An HR analytic solution can act as a crystal ball, enabling companies to anticipate the top performers, predict workforce trends, and increase returns on investments,” says Kevin Choksi, CEO and Co-founder, WorkForce Software. Based in Livonia, MI, WorkForce Software provides flexible and comprehensive workforce management solution for large enterprises with complex policies and compliance concerns.

The company’s flagship solution, EmpCenter enables strategic HR processing that automates and streamlines the interactions between employers and employees. By automating these interactions, client organizations are empowered to manage payroll and processing costs, ensure compliance with state and federal regulations, and increase the productivity and satisfaction of their employees. EmpCenter offers a fully integrated suite of applications, including time and attendance, advanced scheduler, Absence Compliance Tracker (ACT), and fatigue management. “The solution encompasses all workforce management related tools that facilitate clients to control labor costs and carry out strategic workforce planning and management decisions across the enterprise. The right workforce management tools can deliver more measurable value faster than any other HR application. We recognized a better way to design a time and attendance solution, and then built it,” asserts Choksi.

EmCenter encompasses all workforce management related tools that facilitate clients to control labor costs and carry out strategic workforce planning

The solution automatically tracks the working hours, activities, pay, and attendance for all groups of employees and their locations. It dynamically manages the employee leaves, from end to end, minimizing unpaid absences and mitigating the risks of employee fatigue. Furthermore, it simplifies complex scheduling demands and call-out rules-boosting productivity and minimizes unplanned overtime, systematizing the key aspects of labor law compliance, and adhering to the ever-changing labor regulations.
Kevin Choksi, CEO & Co-Founder, WorkForce SoftwareKevin Choksi, CEO & Co-Founder
WorkForce’s heritage of infusing new ideas to create better solutions continues today and is evident across the EmpCenter suite. However, the company’s expertise is grounded in technology. Its philosophy is focused on driving customers towards the achievement of business outcomes. WorkForce Software has successfully delivered its solutions to numerous diverse clients, including the Carhartt, a leading apparel firm. The customer was looking for a workforce management system to support its multiple plants. Totaling about 500 associates, the client’s payroll clerks manually calculated time for multiple timecards in order to determine the hours each of their employees worked. Carhartt needed to automate timekeeping and project tracking to increase accuracy and speed and also gain the ability to consolidate the data so it could look at the big picture—breakdowns on cost, production, resource allocation, and more. The Carhartt’s selection committee chose the company’s EmpCenter for its user-friendly and flexibility aspects to meet its requirements and policies and integrate with its current applications. “Our solutions increased the overall productivity by re-allocating resources that earlier spent time, manually calculating time cards and projects. By improving the timekeeping and project tracking process, Carhartt was given access to reports that were needed to look at the big picture of labor and project data,” explains Choksi. This also helped the customers’ managers to effectively track and identify enhancements that could be incorporated to the organization’s production areas.

WorkForce Software started as a small, self-funded startup, which grew earning accolades—so did its portfolio of products. “Most importantly, our inherent flexibility remains a crucial distinction from other workforce management products. We continue to set the pace for innovation in the world of cloud-based workforce management,” Choksi concludes.