VoloMetrix: Organizational Analytics to Drive Transformation

Over the past two decades, VoloMetrix has witnessed major advances in technology. However, better technology has not always led to better productivity. “We now have more data and more demands on our time. Employees are weighed down by complicated processes, strained by constant emails and meetings, and disengaged on a global scale,” begins Ryan Fuller, Microsoft General Manager and former VoloMetrix CEO. “Combined, these variables result in massive and expensive losses in productivity.” Their technology provides visibility into information that helps companies improve their organizational alignment, drive sales, and promote employee engagement.

VoloMetrix leverages commonplace business systems to empower individuals to enhance productivity and improve work-life balance on a massive scale

When released later this year, Delve Analytics will surface objective and actionable data directly to individual employees about time allocation, after-hours work, and collaboration behaviors. Delve Analytics will leverage big data and social analytics to unlock critical insights that can change the way people work. “Giving people better information creates a natural feedback loop, allowing them to gauge their personal performance and make data-driven decisions for improvement,” illustrates Fuller. A broader collection of reports and organizational health dashboards gives managers and
Ryan Fuller,  Microsoft General Manager  & former  VoloMetrix CEO, VoloMetrixRyan Fuller, Microsoft General Manager & former VoloMetrix CEO
executives a unique view into internal and external collaboration trends and time-use. Managers use these tools to identify costly internal processes and quantify the impact. Executives have leveraged VoloMetrix to pinpoint information silos and wasteful communication practices.

Organizational analytics represents a vital tool for transformation and improvement at both the enterprise and individual levels. “VoloMetrix leverages email and meeting data to identify the differentiating characteristics in performance to build a model for high performance,” says Fuller.

Organizational analytics is a key investment area in Microsoft’s ambition to reinvent productivity and business processes. “By combining the innovation and expertise with the technology and success of Office 365, we are positioned to offer our customers immense value,” concludes Fuller.