Visier: Leading the Way in Workforce Intelligence

The information that HR leaders need is usually dispersed over many disparate systems. The demographic trends that shape their workforce are moving fast and cannot be dealt with, without real-time access to data that change constantly. The C-suite need answers about people availability and costs more frequently and urgently than any spreadsheet or current HR Management System reporting can provide. Stepping up to these challenges, Visier provides a complete Software-as-a-Service solution. “Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solution enables companies to achieve better business outcomes through their people,” says John Schwarz, CEO, Visier.

Being far sighted, Schwarz pledges being constantly on top of trends, metrics, shifts in market opinion or behavior, and above all understanding people dynamics. “Visier has mastered making the complex easy,” explains Schwarz. “We get our customers, who represent a number of the world’s best brands, up and running with extensive Workforce Intelligence capabilities in 4-8 weeks. We do this at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions. And we work tirelessly with our customers to help them in their journey to data-driven HR. Our customers experience a 20:1 cost benefit advantage over the traditional solution. And all this is available instantly to people with little or no IT or analytics background.”

Visier delivers unmatched workforce analytics and workforce planning capabilities, new product enhancements every quarter, and turnkey data management-delivered in the cloud, based on a patented, industry-changing Applied Big Data technology.

Visier’s Workforce Intelligence solution enables companies to achieve better business outcomes through their people

Visier Workforce Analytics is pre-built with HR industry expertise and best practices that bring together the workforce data. From simple metrics, like headcount, to complex predictive analytics, such as the understanding of the critical talent that is at risk of resigning, Visier delivers the most extensive workforce analytics capabilities.

With Visier, HR professionals, business leaders, and people managers can
John Schwarz, CEO, VisierJohn Schwarz, CEO
complete the “analyze, align, and act loop”, making fact-based workforce decisions that drive measurable business outcomes.

Visier Workforce Planning is a cloud solution that enables continuous, collaborative, cost-aware workforce planning. Visier Workforce Planning lets HR develop plans using their company’s current accurate workforce data as the starting point; monitor actuals against plan over time; and adjust and course-correct plans as needed based on market or business changes.

Visier helps the world’s best brands achieve the datafication of HR. A testament to that is ConAgra Foods. Like many large enterprises, the company struggled to collect accurate, analyzable data about its workforce as the information was spread across the organization in siloed systems within various departments and reconciliation proved to be an issue. With Visier, ConAgra Foods was able to gain real-time insights into its employee data and could analyze its workforce across a wide range of subject areas. Today, ConAgra Foods’s HR team can provide more accurate retention forecasts, as well as current and projected total workforce costs. Just as critical, they are able to compare data across departments and geographic regions to discover potential trouble spots and to perform more effective workforce planning. This targeted analysis has enabled ConAgra to integrate acquisitions, ensuring its workforce is aligned for future growth.

Visier is excited to be at the forefront of HR revolution. It plans to be the next generation leader in business intelligence and to become the preferred platform for analytics applications in all domains. “Not only are we releasing new capabilities for our Workforce Intelligence solutions every quarter, but we are continuously bettering our unique, patented Big Data technology, which provides the foundation for our solutions,” says Schwarz.