TTI Success Insights: Multiple Science Assessments Bolster Talent Management

Rick Bowers President, TTI Success InsightsRick Bowers President
Often, hiring managers resort to gut feeling and personal preferences in the hiring process due to lack of intelligent tools to assess their candidates. Challenges continue as they struggle to engage with their workforce and build synergy. With the advent of assessment analytics, organizations now have powerful information that can help them overcome these impediments.

Spearheading analytics capabilities in talent management is TTI Success Insights, a company that helps organizations find, retain, and harness workforce talent through its assessment tools supported by neurological research. With these capabilities, companies get a better understanding of the individuals pertaining to behavior, motivation, skill, emotional quotient, and acumen. Through this analytical approach, companies can ensure the best person is placed in the right position by learning about their behavioral and motivational aspects. “By benchmarking the job and comparing candidates to critical job specific metrics, organizations can find the right talent for the role,” says Rick Bowers, President, TTI Success Insights, Inc.

The company has a cognitive research lab with a state-of-the-art EEG machine that compliments their extensive research to add validity beyond statistics. They have a patented system, Internet Delivery Service® (IDS), which electronically delivers questionnaires and relevant information, making it easy for users to deploy and evaluate data of potential applicants and current employees. TTI SI’s behavioral assessment tools are based on decades of research and patented technologies to help organizations paint a complete picture of the individual.

TTI Success Insights has a global reach with local expertise by collaborating with 7,000 active distributors comprised of consultants, coaches, speakers, and recruiters spread around the globe. TTI Success Insights brings the global audience its tools to explore the potential of their employees and build productive and performance-driven work cultures.

By benchmarking the job and comparing candidates to job specific critical metrics, organizations can find the right talent for the role

“Our research, unique delivery system, and relationship with clients are our differentiating factors,” notes Bowers. “Companies can predict if an individual is fit for the job by leveraging our multiple science-based assessments and customized job-benchmarking protocols delivered through integrated technology solutions, IDS and Talent Management Plus™.”

Employers face increased pressure to adapt to changes. TTI SI’s Talent Insights® tool has the ability to measure ‘how’ a person behaves. By applying DISC theory, management can recognize when it is necessary to adapt to improve communication and build synergy. To drive employee engagement, Talent Insights also includes 12 Driving Forces®, a tool that answers the ‘why’ of an individual’s actions providing a clear picture of what drives them.

For instance, Pen Bay Healthcare Medical Center was struggling with strained relationships within the organization, leading to employee underperformance. Hoping to boost the morale of the workforce, the hospital engaged with TTI Success Insights and implemented its job benchmarking solutions. The subsequent action plans for team building and self-awareness increased employee satisfaction, which resulted in better patient care.

TTI Success Insights looks forward to future integration with HRIS platforms similar to its current integration with Taleo. To further empower HR professionals worldwide, TTI SI is also expanding its support materials and educational opportunities via debriefing guides, whitepapers and technical reports.

Having completed more than 28 million assessments over the years, Bowers says, “We intend to become a household name in the Talent Management industry so that more people can experience the power of our tools and assessments.”