The Devine Group: A Holistic Approach to Talent Management

David Devine, CEO & Chairman, The Devine GroupDavid Devine, CEO & Chairman
According to David Devine, chairman and CEO of The Devine Group, one of the on-going challenges in the human resources industry is the lingering belief that the HR department is essentially a compliance regulation and cost management center. “This dampens the true potential of HR,” he states. At The Devine Group, with the help of insightful behavioral and psychological assessment solutions, the company is committed to bringing a holistic approach to talent management. Through the company’s assessment solutions, organizations can maximize returns from human capital investments and also bring more clarity to critical hiring processes.

In today’s corporate setting, Devine notes that organizations have become highly commoditized. The true distinguishing factor of any organization thus lies in defining and managing a high-performing human capital. The Devine Group’s solution accomplishes that by injecting its services into every stage of the employee lifecycle, from talent acquisition all the way through talent separation. Devine mentions that, according to market research, only 10 % of employee population is responsible for 75 % of the company’s productivity, therefore it’s crucial for an organization to hire candidates that fit the metrics of that 10 %. With The Devine Group’s predictive models, firms can scientifically categorize candidates based on merit, eliminating guesswork from hiring and talent management practices.

There are three levels at which The Devine Group’s solution model can be implemented. At the simplest level, a company can integrate The Devine Group’s “plug and play” services with its systems in a day’s time. For more organization-defined solutions, it usually takes a week or two to understand the company’s working principle and customize the services accordingly. At the most advanced level, Devine Group designs and builds a tailored solution from the ground up in about six months to completely integrate with the company’s infrastructure.

Devine Group works across diverse industries like healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing, and retail to solve their human capital management problems

With flexible service models, The Devine Group is able to serve organizations of varying strengths and sizes.

The Devine Group works across diverse industries like healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing and retail to solve their human capital management problems. One of its clients in the retail space, a prominent global grocery store, was experiencing massive employee turnovers, as high as 200 %. The company, then had to expend on hiring and training new talent. In addition to that, the client’s customers were also dissatisfied with the services offered. Analyzing every different job and department of the company, The Devine Group deployed its talent management solution. Within a year of its deployment, the retailer reduced employee turnover by 70 %. The company was also successful in increasing the customer satisfaction scores in 11 of its 13 domains by re-planning the shopping experience. “We were able to bring such assuring success on the consumer front because we derived our understanding by surveying the customers themselves and not base it on the company’s perceived notions,” Devine affirms.

At present, the paramount problem that The Devine Group aims to solve through its solutions is converging various HR measures of talent throughout the employee lifecycle. With the rapidly progressing HR market, the company believes that employee experience and employee loyalty will become more volatile than ever before. Thus, describing the roadmap for the company, Devine points out that real-time decisions and forward-looking observations around trend analysis is where the game is going to be won or lost, and as an HR analytics firm, The Devine Group is well positioned to take on the challenges.