Perceptyx: Bespoke Survey Programs to Fuel Deep People Analytics

John Borland, Co-founder & CEO, PerceptyxJohn Borland, Co-founder & CEO
In the business world, much has been spoken of the need for a continuous feedback loop between employees and their organization; but oftentimes, companies maintain the status quo and neglect to really understand the needs of their workforce. In today’s tight labor market, enterprise organizations should be rethinking their survey strategies to understand what drives engagement among employees, taking action where appropriate to keep employees engaged and reduce attrition. To do this, HR organizations need more than data; they need rich insights derived from deep analysis of their people data. Armed with this insight, leaders can drive real, meaningful action, engendering trust and removing barriers to employee engagement.

This is what drives Perceptyx. Their mission is to help people and organizations thrive by giving leaders the tools they need to identify and remove barriers to employee engagement. Since their founding in 2003, Perceptyx has been a pioneer in the employee survey and people analytics market, developing analytic tools such as their Positive Divergence Analysis™ engine. This engine, completely transparent to the end user, compares unengaged employees against the population of those who are engaged, illuminating specific barriers to engagement deep within the organization in real-time. Arming HR and business leaders with actionable insights, Perceptyx adheres to one of their core values: making their clients heroes.

The Perceptyx team believes that a strategic HR organization’s survey program should match the company’s own unique culture and needs. To that end, they’ve built an infrastructure that allows them to innovate new and unique solutions that align to their clients’ needs, culture, and brand.

We have built a phenomenal internal team based on our culture and core values which we have leveraged to help our clients and partners

By understanding the obstacles, struggles, and the evolution of their client’s business lifecycle, they are able to recommend and implement a custom-tailored survey strategy ranging from annual to daily, capturing the moments that matter across the employee experience. “We have built a phenomenal internal team based on our culture and core values which allows us to be extremely responsive to our clients,” adds John Borland, the co-founder and CEO of Perceptyx.

No one-size-fits-all solution can effectively meet the needs of every organization, and Perceptyx’s experience as the people analytics and employee survey provider for more than 20% of the Fortune 100 confirms this. One of Perceptyx’ clients with over 130,000 employees required an entirely new employee listening program wherein daily metrics could be collected and fed into executives’ dashboards. Due to the flexibility and maturity of their system, Perceptyx was able to quickly deliver a daily continuous listening program that collected data from 1,500 employees every day on an ongoing basis, with data and insights continually fed to the company’s internal dashboarding system. This not only allowed executives to keep a very close eye on the pulse of the organization, it also enabled them to make better decisions with greater speed and confidence.

As their own way of listening and improving, Perceptyx works closely with many of their largest clients through a Client Advisory Council, evaluating their own direction and gaining a more in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the large enterprise. Following their recent expansion into the European market, Perceptyx remains focused on equipping HR practitioners with deep analytics that are easy-to-use and deliver insights in real-time.