Pegasus Knowledge Solutions: Powering Workforce Management with AI

Supreet Singh, EVP, Pegasus Knowledge SolutionsSupreet Singh, EVP
Organizations across the globe recognize that the best candidates are worth fighting for. They wage war with their competitors to acquire, retain, and manage a top-notch workforce in the great “battle for talent.” The question is how does an organization attract, retain, and empower the right talent for the right position at the right time? While large companies have at their disposal, novel technologies such as AI and data science to win this talent war, SMBs lack the resources in leveraging these technologies. By providing an end-to-end analytics stack, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions (PKSI) is breaking this status quo. Studies show that only 14% of companies are utilizing their data to give them a competitive advantage in workforce management. With its solutions, the company integrates their clients’ multiple and disparate data sources to deliver cutting-edge workforce analytics processes.“We offer the solution to empower companies to drive advanced workforce management,” says Supreet Singh, the EVP of Pegasus Knowledge Solutions.

Singh notes that today, business innovation is primarily driven by people and their skills, and organizations have been perturbed by the challenge of fulfilling the employee management cycle. They have to identify, attract, engage, and empower the key talent and people with the appropriate skills, to drive value. Furthermore, they have to retain the hired talent to avoid incurring the cost of re-hiring, which can be as high as 200% of an employee’s annual salary. Through its end-to-end AI-powered workforce analytics solution, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions houses the capability to inject raw data from the clients’ disparate source such as spreadsheets, database, structured, and unstructured data, and provide a single consistent view. The company’s solution utilizes machine learning, predictive modeling, text, and social data mining to provide employee and operational insights; meanwhile, they also consider third-party datasets such as socio-economic, financial, or demographic data for richer analytical insights.

We provide a quick time-to-value and stay engaged with the customer on an ongoing basis to ensure that our analytics models continue to deliver as expected with the evolving needs of the clients

In one instance, the company helped a client to solve their rehiring predicament by identifying the employees in the “risk of leaving” category. For another Client, PKSI was able to predict eligible candidates with the highest likelihood of accepting employment offers so that the Client could better focus its efforts on the right candidates. Further, through Pegasus Knowledge Solutions’ end-to-end solution, they were also able to assess the factors that were driving the issue. Additionally, the solution is platform agnostic and can be easily integrated into any existing HR system with minimum configuration and can be accessed via the cloud from any device.

Pegasus Knowledge Solutions follows a multi-step and iterative engagement process to onboard the client; post which, they deliver pre-built analytics models to jump-start the talent management process. “At the same time, we also ensure that we comprehend the end goals that the client is looking to accomplish,” adds Singh. Once Pegasus Knowledge Solutions lays out the process roadmap, they implement the solution and fill gaps in the clients’ workforce management processes. “We stay engaged with the customer on an ongoing basis to ensure that we deliver as expected with the evolving needs of the clients,” states Singh. Further, the company also helps clients to integrate data sources through its turnkey consulting services for delivering a centralized employee data hub. The company’s consulting services are built on comprehending and assessing the clients’ needs in an efficient manner.

Having carved a niche in the workforce analytics landscape by helping numerous large and mid-sized companies in aligning HR metrics with strategic business goals, Pegasus Knowledge Solutions aims to grow and build its workforce analytics solution in North America and then conquer the global turf. “We are looking to assist more companies through our solution such that they can have access to a cost-effective advanced workforce analytics solution that works with their existing HR Systems,” concludes Singh.