OrgAnalytix: Empowering HR through People Analytics

Shwetha Pai, CEO & Co-Founder, OrgAnalytixShwetha Pai, CEO & Co-Founder
A doctor equipped with only a thermometer cannot fix a broken bone. While a thermometer has its uses, an MRI scan is required to assess the damage. In a corporate environment, managers trying to evaluate their teams through engagement surveys, 360 reviews, or personality assessment tools are akin to using a thermometer to mend a broken bone. While such tools provide some degree of understanding into team behavior, there is a need for a solution that detects and analyzes problems in the workplace through comprehensive analysis of employee relationships. “We founded Organalytix to develop a tool for managers that solves organizational behavior problems through the insights gained from intrinsic factors of teams like analyzing relationships and connections people have with each other,” reveals Shwetha Pai, co-founder and CEO of OrgAnalytix.

While there are many human resources (HR) tools and surveys in the market, a manager or a team leader often needs data science background to navigate the amount of data being created by these tools, and to experience the full benefits of these complex tools. The complicated metrics and dynamic visualizations provided by such tools often produce irrelevant results. Managers instead require powerful, targeted HR tools to gain insights into employee behavior and team performance; similar to a doctor utilizing an MRI scan for proper diagnosis. OrgAnalytix offers Relationship Lens, “An HR analytics solution that enables a layperson to answer any question and solve problems related to organizational behavior in the workplace,” states Shwetha.

Relationship Lens is a software-as-a-service solution that is easy to implement and yields faster insights compared to other HR tools. It utilizes a proprietary six-question survey to gather data, directly from employees.

OrgAnalytix is on a mission to provide HR managers with the right organizational context and framework to leverage employee and team strengths

Thousands of data points are collated from the questionnaire that requires only five minutes to fill. “The results of the survey are instantaneous, all of the visualizations, network maps, metrics are created in real time, with the simple push of a button,” says Shwetha. The next step is running the collected data through OrgAnalytix’s machine learning model to understand organizational behavior. Finally, the solution interprets and converts the output to provide actionable insights into organizational behavior. Additionally, OrgAnalytix uses data from various surveys and behavioral assessments like MBTI and disk surveys, which companies conduct regularly, and converts it into insights to provide context for team behavior.

OrgAnalytix employs an advisor to incorporate current academic research projects into its solution, focusing on areas of people analytics, organizational behavior, and network analysis. Shwetha adds, “We use machine learning and artificial intelligence to test assumptions that we get from the academic side, to see how it performs in a real world scenario.” A 2016 Harvard Business Review survey discovered that diversity in the workplace resulted in a 35 percent increase in financial returns. Likewise, OrgAnalytix helped their client Stanley Black & Decker, set up a diversity program, which ensured all its employees were involved and engaged in social and mentorship relationships. “The client used OrgAnalytix analysis tool as the basis for designing and implementing their global diversity program, ensuring that all employees were included,” remarks Shwetha.

OrgAnalytix is on a mission to provide HR managers with the right organizational context and framework to leverage employee and team strengths while addressing any gaps and vulnerabilities within the organization. “We are trying to make the HR analytics field more accessible and empower managers with our powerful HR solution,” concludes Shwetha.