Kronos: Workforce Management Tools on the Cloud

The increasing competition and rising consumer demands are compelling organizations to hire efficient workforce. This has introduced the need to develop lightweight and streamlined HR analytics systems to identify potential employees and build well-rounded teams. In such a scenario, implementing a scalable HR system, with robust analytical acumen, is a key concern CIOs will have to combat during expansions. “HR teams need real-time visibility into workforce issues to effectively plan their future workforce requirements to control labor costs,” says Aron J. Ain, CEO, Kronos. The company offers solutions designed to meet the technology-related needs of HR teams and equip them with insightful workforce data.

Kronos’s flagship offering, Workforce HR is a unified system that provides HR team easy access to employee records to reduce errors, enforce policies, and identify the peak performers in the workforce pool. Workforce HR helps save revenue and raise productivity levels by eliminating the need to enter data in multiple systems thereby removing redundancy. “The platform is also equipped to mitigate litigation, grievance, and audit risks by applying, storing, and accessing workforce information in the same manner,” says Ain. In addition, Workforce HR is augmented with automation capabilities to cut the toll taken in doing repetitive tasks by employees and this initiative is aimed to improve employee focus. With features to apply HR rules, policies, and regulations across the board, the platform can simplify operations and ensure the organization is compliant with laws and regulations like FMLA, ACA, and FLSA.

HR teams need real-time visibility into workforce issues to effectively plan their future workforce requirements to control labor costs

Workforce Payroll, another product of Kronos, augments the functionality of the HR team by controlling labor costs efficiently. With the feature to perform pre-audits, the client attains a high degree of accuracy in the payroll operations of the organization. “Workforce Payroll is designed to be compatible with the Workforce HR platform to ensure the two solutions work hassle-free in concert on the same infrastructure. The solutions from Kronos are also backed by the firm’s experienced support team to assist during the implementation stage and after.
Aron J. Ain, CEO, KronosAron J. Ain, CEO
The quality service and the well-designed platforms have helped Kronos forge a place in the HR analytics technology market. This has helped the firm build lasting partnerships with many firms in the market. One such client, a leader in the multifamily construction industry, Leedo Manufacturing Co., faced difficulties due to the lack of workforce management tools which resulted in time-consuming manual data-entry every month. The company also relied on third party services to handle payroll and tax filing for out-of-state sales personnel resulting in high costs. Leedo’s existing timekeeping, HR and payroll systems also faced scalability and management issues that burdened the IT staff to provide support and maintenance for the in-house systems and servers.

To combat this, Kronos implemented their cloud-based workforce solution to offer a unified, fully integrated workforce management platform that helped Leedo in monitoring labor costs, minimizing compliance risk, and improving overall workforce productivity. The seamless integration with the company’s existing financial system has also simplified the operations at the month-end close like payroll management and tracking expenses. Being cloud-based has also helped the platform lighten the IT department workload and offers opportunities for scaling existing infrastructure to support future growth.

With a stellar suite of offerings, the firm looks on ahead to augment the HR technology landscape. “We aim to equip our clients with the best solutions in the field to ensure they are well-equipped to grow,” concludes Ain.