Human Capital Growth: Driving Employee Productivity through Analytics

Dr. Shreya Sarkar Barney, President, Human Capital GrowthDr. Shreya Sarkar Barney, President
The world’s most successful companies invest in talent management practices grounded in the science of human performance,” informs Dr. Shreya Sarkar-Barney, President, Human Capital Growth. Human Capital Growth (HCG) helps organizations maximize talent outcomes using science, analytics, and empathy. Dr. Sarkar-Barney argues that “we have based our solutions on scientific blueprints and decades of practical application. This unique, evidence-based combination gives our clients a competitive advantage in all of their talent-related processes, including attracting, engaging, advancing, and retaining employees at all levels.” Combining these approaches with a measurement and analytics strategy allows organizations to uniquely target their needs and achieve predictable outcomes, adds Dr. Sarkar-Barney.

HCG’s focus is in both leadership excellence and talent management. Through HCG’s Leadership Excellence services, clients can find the best candidates for specific role requirements. For leadership engagements, HCG helps clients engage their teams by diagnosing gaps, aligning leadership teams, and holding tailored development workshops that often leverage the latest learning technologies. “By combining self-awareness, skill development, and strategic planning, along with development and coaching services, we help accelerate growth of leadership teams, often with our unique Learning Management System,” explains Dr. Sarkar-Barney.

The company’s Talent Management Excellence services uses design thinking methodology. HCG’s services enable clients to uncover business needs and craft the right talent solution that is anchored in the latest science. “Our talent system’s audit practice, rapidly evaluates a company’s programs and processes, and assesses their effectiveness in achieving the desired results, faster,” points out Dr. Sarkar- Barney. With the help of HCG’s analytics team, customers can derive actionable intelligence on talent outcomes like accelerated growth and improved program delivery.

We have based our solutions on a number of blueprints derived from scientific studies and meta-analyses

Leaders, managers and HR professionals can gain credentialed skills with HCG’s education offerings. The company’s digital learning and talent analytics services are specially designed to transform HR through evidence-based solutions.

HCG’s mission is to help organizations and employees thrive together. “We focus on small group of customers at a time, to help them achieve remarkable results in their people practices,” says Dr. Sarkar- Barney. For instance, a large multinational was struggling to gain value from an outsourcer, despite millions of dollars invested in the partnership. HCG was able to comprehensively solve the problem with solutions that included consulting, diagnostics, analytics, and action planning. The breakthrough came from leveraging the established behavioral patterns of high performing teams. The HCG data scientists leveraged this framework for data collection and analytics to isolate the root cause. Using this information, HCG was able to engage the leadership teams of both companies— MNC as well as the outsourced firm, to have focused conversations on how to address their issues. “The conversations powered by evidence and analytics enabled our client to focus on what matters the most and achieve goals within the established timeframe. The end result has been a strong partnership between the two companies extending over a period of eight years.”

HCG vests its focus on innovation, particular in achieving the right blend between high-tech and high-touch solutions to enable greatness in organizations. Digital learning is one of those areas. “We use gamification in our digital learning experience for greater customer engagement,” states Dr. Sarkar-Barney. Treading ahead, HCG is also working towards crafting offerings geared towards developing managers to be talent leaders. “We are going to enable training for managers on our digital learning platform. Using analytics and mentor support our goal is to develop a talent mindset among managers,” she concludes.