GrowthPlay: Vanguards that Drive Sales Effectiveness

Amy Dordek, Co-founder, GrowthPlayAmy Dordek, Co-founder
The sales profession is beginning to change dramatically due to technology and more informed buyers than ever before. With a global economy, shrinking margins, and changing market factors, it has never been more challenging to sell. The ability to enable sales teams to maximize their performance presents both a challenge and an opportunity. A deeper understanding of what and how buyers buy is required unlike never before in order to understand how to sell to them. As a result, a new breed of consultants is capitalizing on the ability to help clients understand this evolution, with solutions that are more aligned to the buyer’s process. Through its suite of integrated consulting, training, and talent analytics solutions, GrowthPlay helps companies elevate sales performance, drive profitable growth, and enable consistent execution of their business strategy at their point of sale.

Unlike traditional training methodologies that many sales organizations employ which are focused more on closing a sale, GrowthPlay believes that true value is created when a customer relationship is based on a more service oriented approach. It’s less a transaction and more about serving their unique needs. GrowthPlay’s mission is to elevate selling to an act of service rather than it being just a transaction. “Whether our work is helping companies put the right sales structure in place to align with the business strategy, or helping them find the right people to fill the right sales roles leveraging our talent analytics solutions - we come at it from the standpoint of truly understanding how the clients can elevate selling to a value-added service” states Courtney Mohr, CEO of GrowthPlay.

By assessing the capability and the strength of client-facing teams compared to what is optimal to execute the strategy, GrowthPlay enhances the effectiveness of their clients’ business as a result. GrowthPlay then partners with clients in various ways to measurably improve the performance of the sales and customer-facing teams. The company addresses clients’ needs with talent solutions that combine analytics, consulting, and training. GrowthPlay’s clients can leverage many years of research and talent analytics tools that allow sales leaders to profile the optimal fit for sales roles, to help inform decisions around talent to fill key sales jobs.

Alongside talent assessments, GrowthPlay also offers talent audits that allow sales leaders to understand the potential of their existing salesforce, by making data available on individuals and teams. In this way leaders can look across their organization for the right fit based on both individual and team capacity across multiple roles. This information can also inform succession planning.

GrowthPlay also provides consulting to clients on the effectiveness of their sales function in addition to the talent requirements, drawing insight from their data, and transforming those insights into action across the sales talent life cycle.
Tracey Wik, Managing Director, Talent Analytics & Sales Org. Effectiveness, GrowthPlayTracey Wik, Managing Director, Talent Analytics & Sales Org. Effectiveness
With their custom training solutions, GrowthPlay is also able to leverage analysis and research to inform, develop, and upskill individuals to fill critical gaps and retain high performers. They equip sales teams with right processes, tools, and skills.

One of the keys to GrowthPlay’s success is their ability to help clients discover what differentiates high performers from others based on high value activities of successful sellers. “Through many years of research, we have profiled what high performers do versus lower performing individuals. This understanding of what “good” looks like in “hunters” versus “farmers” versus for sales leaders helps sales teams increase their ability to achieve revenue goals, increase productivity and reduce turnover,” according to Tracey Wik, Managing Director. Recognition like being named to the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies list, and ranking #1 in the business products and services category, proves GrowthPlay’s messaging is resonating in the market.

GrowthPlay helps companies elevate sales performance, drive profitable growth, and enable consistent execution of their business strategy at their point of sale

With a larger percentage of the sales coaching and training industry dominated by men, GrowthPlay has a predominantly female leadership team. Of the 8 executives, 6 are women and GrowthPlay has a distinct point of view and curriculum on women in sales. “It’s been said that women aren’t always successful in certain sales roles and we’re out to change that belief. In fact our research shows that men and women are equally capable in New Business Development and Account Management roles. We’ve been developing more content specifically aimed at women in sales which we think will be of interest in the market. It’s my personal goal to amplify women in the sales profession and help develop more women into sales leadership roles,” says Amy Dordek, GrowthPlay’s Co-Founder.

GrowthPlay continues to highlight talent analytics as a part of an overall sales effectiveness regime with clients. As big data is being applied in most other functions, it’s a newer frontier in talent arena and GrowthPlay is at the forefront from a thought leadership and research perspective. Having some of the most experienced players in the field, GrowthPlay continues to use a data driven approach to talent to stay ahead of the competition.