Greenwich.HR: Real-time, Comprehensive Job Market Data

Cary Sparrow, CEO, Greenwich.HRCary Sparrow, CEO
Every year businesses spend billions of dollars trying to understand the labor market, to get a view of what is happening with jobs, what is happening with pay and what is happening with skills. Though many companies claim to provide answers to these questions, most of them end up giving complicated, late, inaccurate and hard to use information. Greenwich.HR aims to supersede these challenges by offering next-generation data solutions that provide richer information to broader audiences at a significantly lower cost. “Greenwich.HR was founded by business leaders, so we understand at a very practical level how poor data creates confusion and waste. Our data platform brings transparency and efficiency to the labor market, which our clients use to gain brilliant insights and open the doors to innovation,” mentions Cary Sparrow, CEO of Greenwich.HR.

Greenwich.HR provides information on today’s market for jobs that is accurate, comprehensive, accessible and real-time. Its offers a data platform that provides visibility to the hiring and pay behaviors of nearly one million companies, showing the overall scenario of the labor market. For business intelligence (BI) teams, Greenwich.HR offers Direct Access Service, which is a subscription-based model. With this service, businesses get the full power of the job market dataset through their own instance of MySQL, secure file transfer, or API. As the BI team needs easy access to high quality and comprehensive data, Greenwich.HR helps them in integrating large datasets directly into their own BI environment with almost no effort and no loss of intelligence.“To get the service, businesses don’t need any other app or dashboard, also they don’t have to install and maintain another integration. And, users see metrics for every job we track, which delivers maximum analytic flexibility,” states Sparrow. The extra advantages that come along with Direct Access Service are access to data on millions of new jobs each month, job-level metrics, pre-loaded cleaning and de-duplication, flexible pricing and broad permitted use including resale.

Our data platform brings transparency and efficiency to the labor market, which our clients use to gain brilliant insights and open the doors to innovation

Recruiting and staffing professionals can also use Greenwich.HR’s direct data feeds, which give them access to the firm’s comprehensive hiring and compensation database. It lets businesses add a clean, powerful and reliable source of labor market intelligence to their own analytics environment and applications. “Recruiting and staffing professionals require transparent market data to make decisions and build strong client partnerships, and we deliver real-time, local intelligence on pay and hiring trends,” asserts Sparrow. For Investment Analysts, Greenwich.HR provides a high-definition outlook that predicts changes in labor costs and investment. Tracking real-time hiring data from nearly one million companies, the firm gives investment analysts transaction-level transparency and timestamps to enable the influential analysis.

For compensation professionals, Greenwich.HR removes the guesswork and provides transparency into what is actually happening with wages across all markets. Compensation teams use Greenwich.HR’s extensive data platform to set pay levels tailored to their specific locations and the skills they need.

Sparrow mentions about one of their clients, who is one of the largest consulting firms in the world. The firm has very large HR consultancy practice, and they use Greenwich.HR’s data to supplement their pay consulting services for clients that need insights that are more precise and real-time.

With over three years of experience in the market and enviable customer retention rate, Greenwich.HR is rapidly scaling its client base and is projecting even faster growth through the remainder of the year. “More companies are coming to us because our data allows them to solve their problems quickly and cost-effectively. And, as more companies adopt our platform, we advance our mission of creating greater transparency for the labor market,” concludes Sparrow.