GattiHR: Solving Problems with Exceptional Insight

Tom Connolly, CEO, GattiHRTom Connolly, CEO
Companies no longer need or want to cobble together a bunch of single-purpose products to manage their workforce,” begins Tom Connolly, CEO at GattiHR. Today, firms are looking for ways to help employees be engaged and successful, and help them improve every day. “Innovations like mobile enablement, artificial intelligence, and ‘UI-free’ are transforming HR technology in incredibly positive ways, giving HR leaders a ton of new tools to work with,” says Connolly.

GattiHR spent its first 30 years as an HR-only executive search firm. While that’s still an important part of what they do, the company has transformed itself over the past 3 years, bringing workforce analytics and HR technology into its portfolio. “We want to help companies build extraordinary workforces, and HR technology is finally in a place that goes way beyond record-keeping, and can actually deliver on this possibility.”

Connolly explains that HR Tech has developed so quickly, and the economics have changed so dramatically, that many firms don’t yet understand what is possible, especially for small-to-medium sized businesses. GattiHR is working toward building better awareness through education, conversation, and thought leadership. “HR used to be driven by the calendar. Today core processes like performance management, climate assessment, and talent management can align with the rhythm of a business, with continuous conversations and a constant focus on delivering greater value to customers,” says Connolly. Whether it’s through its workforce analytics practice or implementing a new HCM platform, GattiHR helps companies make this transition to a more continuous, higher velocity approach to employee success.

We are not platform agnostic. We focus on a limited platform ecosystem with the aim to become best in the world

GattiHR provides comprehensive workforce analytics services in key areas like climate assessment, employer branding, incentive design, talent management, restructuring and merger integration. Their HR Tech practice is built around 3 key strategic partnerships. These go way beyond implementation, with GattiHR deeply involved in product concept, design and delivery. GattiHR works with clients from the start of their technology journey, and each of their strategic alliances fills a different, complementary need. Ramco HCM is a complete employee life-cycle HCM platform. Benflo is a platform that drives REAL employee engagement, with rewards and recognition, mentoring, health and wellness and community-building. Patheer focuses on helping employees with career navigation and skills building, using powerful machine learning and algo-driven analytics to help employees improve and managers understand their talent.

“We are not platform agnostic. We focus on a limited platform ecosystem with the aim of becoming the best in the world,” says Connolly.

With their deep roots in human resources, rapid deployment methodologies that balance traditional waterfalls with more iterative project management approaches, and their commitment to participate in the entire HR Tech lifecycle, GattiHR has increased their customer base tremendously. “We work very hard to build self-sufficient customers, but when they need that extra assistance, our mission is to ensure they maximize ROI on their HR technology investments,” says Connolly. As HR is being transformed, disruptive business models are driving organizations to be exponentially more competitive. Helping employees thrive in this environment is really the difference between an organization winning and losing.