Flashbrand Inc.: True 360-Degree HR Development

Denis Descause, CEO & Founder, Flashbrand Inc.Denis Descause, CEO & Founder
The anatomy of the modern organization is complex and disparate. With more millennials rising to join these organizations every day, companies need to match their expectations to what contemporary employee management should be like. “We need to provide those employees and organizations with the tools to help them adapt to the future of workplace performance,” says Denis Descause, the founder and CEO of Flashbrand Inc., a groundbreaking new platform that helps bridge the chasm of non-communication between organizations and employees. As a platform Flashbrand is helping transform companies that are still struggling with hiring, managing, and retaining new talent, especially millennials.

Flashbrand has identified these core demands and puts the employee in the driver’s seat of their own performance development. This is propelled by Flashbrand’s philosophy, as Descause states, “The brand of the company is the brand of its employees.”They believe in giving both the company and the employee, the tools to empower them in understanding their strengths and weaknesses to bring real-time e-learning at their disposal, so that they can learn, improve, and perform dynamically. Their approach begins with building a real-time feedback platform so that any employee from the CEO to the employees can ask for feedback around in every direction of their work. A full 360-degree view of the entire organizational workforce is delivered, to render maximum clarity into its operations. Employees can now receive feedback from their peers, managers, employees and customers on a regular, ongoing basis, and create opportunities for them to improve and grow.

Employee education is key—as a tool in helping them absorb more knowledge, “instant e-learning” is imperative in employee education and development. Flashbrand’s pull model is a significant revolution in e-learning and Learning Management Systems (LMS).

The brand of the company is the brand of its employees

While companies are pushing content to their LMS, the fact remains that only 19% of employees are effectively consuming e-learning this way. Flashbrand has revisited that concept and is delivering personalized relevant content on the fly, i.e. the pull model, ensuring that employees receive training recommendation with timely and constructive feedback. Receiving feedback is helping employees take conscience of their strengths and weaknesses, to help themselves improve which is where employee education is key. The company has thus identified this pull model as an opportunity for employees to make real progress and is poised toward not only helping all employees improve and get better faster, but to cater to their overall well-being and keeping them engaged.

Traditionally, all companies conduct surveys of engagement for their employees on a regular basis, and the employees are jaded by the questions which coincidentally aren’t even the right ones for them. Flashbrand has reinvented this traditional model of the employee survey to what the company likes to call, “employee listening”. Flashbrand puts companies in constant listening so that it is in an ‘open door ‘model to the organization or to the top executive. Employees can share their valuable feedback as desired—at any time, on any matter—with regards to the company, HR or C-level executives. Flashbrand captures all these signals and provides real-time analytics including ratings, text analytics, and sentiments. These inputs help companies understand what issues matter and what frustrations surface, to react in real-time to keep employees happy and engaged.

Flashbrand is also looking to democratize coaching by providing to any employee the same level of advice and support on their personal development that top executives receive from external executive coaching using analytics. The company has started to develop a personal digital coach and is currently working on extracting the science out of this same executive coaching concept, infuse that into artificial intelligence assistant, and bringing that to all employees’ fingertips to deliver a truly 360-degree employee development platform.