Cornerstone OnDemand: Redefining Human Resource with Next-Gen Solutions

As organizations of all sizes—from global enterprises to mid-market and small businesses continue to rapidly expand, the requirement for better technology and better workforce persists to simultaneously grow. Maximization of employee performance has become imperative to every organization for the fulfillment of enhanced operational efficiency. According to Deloitte’s 2015 global Human Capital Trends survey, people analytics presented the second largest overall “capability gap” for organizations. The report also specified that data and analytics play an important role in solving problems relating to leadership, learning, and recruitment. Helping enterprises develop skills and cultivating new levels of HR analytics is Cornerstone OnDemand [NASDAQ:CSOD], an HR Analytics software firm. Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Cornerstone is a global provider of cloud-based management software solutions to recruit, train, and manage employees.

“Our mission has always been to improve online learning and development, a thread which connects central HR with other core processes,” says Adam Miller, President and CEO, Cornerstone. With its SaaS solution, the company helps enterprises organize the whole employee lifecycle and make it manageable. Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management solution allows organizations to bring all phases of the employee lifecycle under one platform. It delivers a single source of truth into an organization’s entire workforce. It interlinks every phase of the employee lifecycle, thus making it easier to identify high performers, engage the workforce, and helps drive smarter business decisions. “Cornerstone’s platform is designed to enable comprehensive talent management for an all-in-one platform with one data model, one login, and one customer support team.”

With Cornerstone’s Unified Talent Management, comes Cornerstone Analytics which allows a client to take complete control of their data for all kinds of reporting and forecasting. In addition, it includes Cornerstone Insights which applies sophisticated predictive analytics to workforce data to aid in recruitment, management, and employee satisfaction. To assist employees, customers, and partners to be more effective by bringing them closer to each other and critical resources, Cornerstone designed its social collaboration solution, Cornerstone Connect. As an innovator in cloud technology and pure SaaS, Cornerstone helps its clients to remain regularly updated and reduce of IT and maintenance costs. Easy integration and any-time-any-place access makes it immensely convenient. “This aids an organization in streamlining processes, aligning teams to business goals, and increasing engagement across the enterprise network,” states Miller.
Adam Miller, President & CEO, Cornerstone OnDemandAdam Miller, President & CEO
One such example is of Hyatt, an American International Company and Operator of Hotels, who implemented Cornerstone Performance and Cornerstone Succession in connection with its corporate office and managed hotel locations in its Americas region. With Cornerstone, Hyatt acquired real-time visibility into talent, reduced candidate sourcing time, and increased frequency and consistency of talent reviews. Hyatt has since seen a 53 percent increase in movement between their brands and hotels in North America. This provides a better understanding of the opportunities, and employees feel they have even more options from a career standpoint.

Cornerstone’s platform is designed to enable comprehensive talent management for an all-in-one platform with one data model, one login, and one customer support team

Additionally, with the recent release of new dashboards for Cornerstone Insights, the company’s predictive analytics solution has been assisting managers identify employees who are predicted to be strong internal candidates alongside career mobility promotion. Cornerstone, in the past fifteen years has grown in a massive manner and Miller ends by saying, “We have remained strongly committed to the success of our clients, and we are continually investing in new and innovative ways to extend the impact of our technology.”