ClearCompany: Streamlining and Optimizing HR Processes for Continuous Talent Improvement

Every year business schools churn out management professionals in large numbers. Nevertheless, “leveraging that human capital is possibly the biggest challenge companies confront today,” expresses Andre Lavoie, Co-founder and CEO, ClearCompany. “The major obstacle with talent management is most companies lack the tools and methodology to actively engage employees around achieving common goals,” he adds. ClearCompany addresses these issues with an advanced social collaborative platform that bridges the gap between talent management and business strategy by contextualizing employees’ work around an organization’s vision and goals.

No matter how complex an organization’s appraisal process is, we can replicate it and deliver an automated version directly from our systems

ClearCompany’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based multi-tenant Talent Alignment Platform makes talent acquisition and management hassle-free for enterprises. The platform includes several services for comprehensive talent management, including sourcing, applicant tracking and recruiting, paperless on-boarding, goal alignment, and performance management. By creating transparency between each stage of the Talent Lifecycle, ClearCompany drives businesses to effectively select, hire and review talent that adds real value to the organization.

“By tracking employee work in real-time, and making goals crystal clear, our system encourages employees to contribute quickly and positively to the organization,” says Lavoie. “We ensure the quality of hiring and on-boarding, enabling our customers to achieve their business goals,” he adds. Online task management, along with automatic collection and storage of candidate documents help find the right new hires, and then set them on the right path. ClearCompany also assists their customers in tracking and assessing the performance of employees in a strategic context. Their platform also automates the annual and quarterly growth review process with a single online system. “No matter how complex an organization’s appraisal process is, we can replicate it and deliver an automated version directly from our systems,” Lavoie ensures.
Andre Lavoie, Co-Founder & CEO, ClearCompanyAndre Lavoie, Co-Founder & CEO
Today, ClearCompany’s performance analysis system is not just used for process automation, but also for sending workflow data back into the recruiting process, helping recruiters understand the required competencies to hire appropriate people. In a nutshell, ClearCompany empowers enterprises with strategic decisions, allowing executives to position employees according to their skills and talent. “Be it a large enterprise with thousands of employees or any Small and Mid-sized Business (SMBs), we provide the required functionalities to monitor and manage the talent in a company,” says Lavoie. As an add-on to the talent management system software, ClearCompany offers customized business process analysis, personalized online training, and advanced reports on business strategy.

ClearCompany serves organizations in all industries; from education, energy, government, and healthcare to technology, non-profit, and retail. One of the largest global computing solution providers used ClearCompany’s talent management software to counter the difficulty they were facing in setting up goals around their business strategy. The client also wanted to define the goals across their multiple office locations and increase the employee engagement. By using ClearCompany’s software, the customer could monitor their employees’ contribution to the organization in real time, on a monthly basis. Furthermore, they developed a performance dashboard to tweak their business strategy accordingly.

In the coming days, ClearCompany envisions continue building the platform to boost the employee engagement of SMBs. “We shall continue to help organizations achieve their mission and vision through technology for corporate optimization and empower employees,” concludes Lavoie on an optimistic note.