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Michael Beygelman, Founder & CEO, ClaroMichael Beygelman, Founder & CEO
In the age of big data, talent analytics and people analytics essentially form the key pillars for efficient employee management in almost every company. Despite this, the diminishing rates of employee retention and inefficiency in onboarding fresh talents are pressing concerns that enterprises in the digital age encounter. Added to this, the rising focus on privacy protection triggered by laws such as GDPR fosters a radical transition towards responsible data management in this connected world. Pioneering this movement is Claro, a Nashua-based workforce analytics company that helps organizations identify talent, improve employee engagement, and reduce voluntary attrition. The company’s unique workforce analytics platform enables clients to understand the ‘job seeking behaviors’ of the global workforce by leveraging social data and sentiments.

“Our overarching workforce analytics platform helps companies identify potential passive job seekers to hire top talent at a faster rate, enhance employee retention, and make better business decisions,” states Michael Beygelman, the founder and CEO of Claro.

Claro primarily addresses three use cases through its actionable workforce analytics platform. The first is talent identification, whereby it assists clients in pinpointing imaginative talent and their location based on public data, in order to persuade them in joining the firm. The second use case is around competitive intelligence and benchmarking that allows organizations to compare their talent map with competitors and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses industry-wise. Clients can utilize this feature to implement benchmark analyzes, comparing their organization’s performance with multinational companies such as Google, Intel, or Microsoft with unmatched precision and speed.
Finally, through advanced analytics and tailored employee engagement strategies, Claro bolsters the camaraderie between its clients’ internal teams to drive retention and mobility of workforces within the company.

The advanced B2B analytics platform from Claro operates similarly to a search engine such as Google and indexes public data, enabling companies to use traditional search methodologies and boost their decision-making capabilities. However, the company stands out from typical search engines by displaying search results virtually, which includes heat maps and bar charts to obtain tangible insights on the job seeking behavior around the world. “Claro’s responsible approach infringes no data privacy policies and allows enterprises to leverage big data while adhering to compliance mandates at the same time,” adds Beygelman.

Having carved out a niche of its own in the market, Claro has assisted numerous clients in efficiently managing their workforce talent and beefing up retention rates. While elaborating on the company’s expertise, Beygelman recalls an instance when Claro supported one of its clients in identifying the most significant risk factor associated with the technical workforce of the firm. The client initially thought that their technical staff was dropping out to pursue job opportunities in blockchain companies and were about to develop retention strategies to combat this trend. Upon implementing Claro’s analytic tools, they realized that more than 30 percent of the staff was leaving the organization to start their own company and that their biggest risk was entrepreneurship and not blockchain companies. This enabled them to breed an entrepreneurial culture in the company and saved a tremendous amount of capital, which would otherwise have been wasted on the wrong retention strategy.

Claro’s advanced analytics powered by public data has attracted a vast clientele spanning many blue-chip companies around the globe. The company plans to integrate government data into its analytics platform and assist enterprises to actualize the inclusion of employees from different nationalities in their firms through a deeper understanding of various races, ethnicities, and culture. Claro also looks forward to launching a job seeker-facing service that would allow global candidates to glean unbiased insights on the culture followed at the firms they are interested in joining.
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Michael Beygelman, Founder & CEO

Claro is a multi-national, multi-cultural team that is deeply connected by a common mission to organize all of the world's workforce-related information, making it easily accessible so that organizations can make smarter decisions about talent. Claro’s mission is to organize all the world’s workforce-related information, making it easily accessible so that organizations can make more strategic decisions about talent