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Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO, BullseyeEngagement LLCAdeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO
During his visit to the Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) 2018 annual conference, Adeel Zaidi, the founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement LLC, came across an interesting article. The piece featured various KPIs—SHRM-recommended and ISO-endorsed—which could be leveraged by HR leaders to track performance at their organizations. Zaidi realized that they were not mere KPIs but key drivers for HR leaders to make decisions based on credible, real-time data. An idea immediately struck Zaidi’s mind. “I couldn’t wait to get my team on the bandwagon and create a powerful solution that could revolutionize the HR industry,” says Zaidi. The result was a flexible human capital business intelligence (BI) dashboard, which BullseyeEngagement’s team integrated into their comprehensive cloud-based human capital management platform—hitting the bullseye in the process.

Although BullseyeEngagement’s platform is currently helping hundreds of organizations to nurture their talents from ‘hire-to-retire,’ its new addition—flexible human capital BI dashboard—takes the platform’s capability a level higher. It not only empowers clients to calculate and display performance metrics but also makes the configurability easier, such that organizations can add or delete HR metrics from the standard dashboard. The tool allows clients to drill down to successive organizational levels and populate data through a simple methodology. Further, it provides optional performance benchmarking to industry averages and internal targets and also allows companies to control user access to its elements. “We can have this up and running for clients in less than two weeks, which is unheard of in our industry,” states Zaidi. “We have received massive appreciation from SHRM and ISO members for this latest addition into our comprehensive platform,” he adds.
At its core, BullseyeEngagement provides industry-agnostic HR solutions through its platform that allow decision-makers to better manage performance review, risk, goals, talent, check-ins and many other features. The platform has separate modules to address the needs for performance management, goal management, talent development, succession planning, and compensation planning, while providing decision-makers with BI dashboards for effective decision-making. This not only helps clients facilitate a coaching and mentoring culture, but also enhances employee retention and significantly improves employee engagement. Since the platform is designed with a bottom-up approach, employees can reach out to their reporting managers or HR heads to develop their own career paths. Top talent is benchmarked so that they can act as mentors to other employees.

The solutions developed by BullseyeEngagement can be subscribed in a la carte fashion, where clients only pay for what they use. The company also updates its platform frequently based on client feedback and user considerations, which ultimately allow clients to resolve their biggest challenges. Zaidi comments, “The secret sauce to our success is listening to customer pain-points and reacting to them proactively, with new features added continuously.” In one instance, BullseyeEngagement helped a client prevent impending sexual harassment lawsuits by exposing problems beforehand. The platform brought clarity into the process, and the anonymous communication carried out through BullseyeEngagement’s platform helped the client more timely become aware of the issues, allowing them to take proactive measures internally.

BullseyeEngagement has always been an advocate of listening to the needs and demands of its clients and delivering innovations that can help the HR industry. With the recent addition of its human capital BI dashboard, the company has indeed taken the next step in its evolution toward becoming a leader in the HR solution space, positioned to remain there for the foreseeable future.
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BullseyeEngagement LLC

Stafford, TX

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO

BullseyeEngagement is a leading provider of cloud-based human capital management software solutions for strategic organizations. Our system brings employee development, performance management, and strategic planning tools in one place to enable and support current trends in employee engagement and talent development. The Bullseye system helps HR professionals STOP wasting valuable time on overly complicated administrative tasks and START supporting sound people practices & good business decisions