BullseyeEngagement: Empowering the Employer- Employee Relationship

Adeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO, BullseyeEngagementAdeel Zaidi, Founder & CEO
“If you had a suggestion or an issue, you could write a note and drop it in the suggestion box; if you were lucky, you might get an answer” says Adeel Zaidi, founder and CEO of BullseyeEngagement, recalling how the lack of effective HR solutions made employee engagement an untapped asset for many companies. “Employees did not have a platform allowing them to raise issues that managers were responsible to answer.” Employee experiences such as these ignited the passion in Zaidi to begin a journey to create compelling HR engagement and human capital management cloud software solutions. Coming from an industrial engineering and operations management background, Zaidi worked with HR industry experts to develop leading edge solutions that are research-based, modular and easy to use. Serving some of the largest companies across several industries, Bullseye’s fully integrated talent development portal drives employee engagement through consistent and seamless communication channels.

By rethinking employee-employer communications, BullseyeEngagement’s platform enables organizations to reap maximum value from their human capital investment. It comes as a power pack of twelve state-of-the-art modules for every aspect of employee engagement from hire to retire. The modules cover five areas: talent development, performance, surveys, compensation and business intelligence. Each of these modules can be utilized on a standalone basis or fully integrated with one another.

The company’s highly configurable content addresses the highest three segments of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: self-actualization, esteem, and belonging, which are underserved by others in the market.
Research indicates that engagement leads to higher productivity, better safety, and stronger profitability. With Bullseye’s solutions, organizations can easily conduct check-ins for frequent and low stress employee/ manager communication. They can also efficiently and systematically execute tasks such as reviews, rewards, recognition, development plans, career pathing, risk assessment and succession planning. Positions with high attrition rates are automatically identified, and risk management logic prioritizes those requiring succession planning.

The company’s compensation module systematically plans merit and bonus/incentive pay based on performance ratings and budgets, all driven by easily configurable rules. Additionally, Bullseye’s suite of offerings provides real-time employee engagement and instant pulse surveys allowing for current versus historical data analysis. The company’s business intelligence dashboards synthesize data from multiple sources to display real-time operational metrics in the form of visually intuitive dials, charts, and graphs.

“BullseyeEngagement’s modular solutions are crafted to allow companies to move away from conventional tools such as spreadsheets and manual administration of employee engagement processes”, adds Richard Lueders, VP of Business Strategy. Lueders, whose experience includes time with companies like PepsiCo and United Technologies, believes that Bullseye’s platform is well ahead of the competition, evidenced in the solution’s capability to seamlessly integrate with an organization’s existing HR system of record to eliminate duplicate employee data entry.

In addition, a recent independent study of competitive offerings found that Bullseye’s platform is up to 90 percent configurable, far beyond most of its competition, which enables modules to be deployed on a plug-and-play basis without requiring an organization to redesign its existing talent management processes. Consequently, modules can be set up and running within a few months for mid-sized companies while requiring minimal internal training time. Being industry agnostic, the Bullseye platform currently supports a diverse clientele including technology, oil and gas, staffing and higher educational institutions with companies such as Intel, Marriott, and Caterpillar in its portfolio. “Bullseye paves the way for companies to ignite the fire in their employees—creating a win for all,” concludes Zaidi.